Author Spotlight: Ive S Rogers

This week you guys I would like to take some time to mention Ms. Rogers. She is an author from Philly and an advocate for her community. She has inspirations to become a film writer and she’s been writing since she was a child.

Let’s all show her some love if we can by checking out her page: “AuthorIve215”

Also check out her new book “Vicious: A Philly Urban Tale” out now on Amazon

Which authors can I mention next week? I wanna get us all involved !!!

Published by Author Marcus Williams

Author of “A Marketer’s Diary”

2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Ive S Rogers

  1. Congratulations! And welcome.

    I am a new Author myself, I have written two books. 1. Adjusting the zoom 1-5-3 and my latest 2. Mind Fullness connecting inside out. I would like for you to mention me on your platform as I am relatively new and love to promote my books.


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